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Tango Cares Initiative

is an out reach program that utilizes Argentine Tango as a vehicle to instill in youth who are under privilege essential life skills to excel as positive force in society. In this eight week program Tango Care Initiative aims to instill the basis in respectful social interactions, cognitive excellence, body awareness, & creative power.


Tango cares is build on years or dance training, teaching experience and elements on of our experience in St Louis public school system and earlier work with blind youngsters in Miami.


Our goal for this year in The current summer program consist of two one hour classes a week for eight weeks. We will have two different classes. One will be kids ranging from 8-10 years of age and the other from 10-12 years of age. The program will take place in the Boys and Girls Club of Newark. The Tango For All Teachers are teaching a total of 30 youngsters from the ages ranging from 9-11. We are very proud to announce that on August 24, 2016 we have completed our program and it was a total success.

Kids To The Theater

is an out reach program that gives youth from the tri-state area the chance to be the first to watch Tango For All first production, "Blind" for free in the BAM Fisher hall. The goal behind this program is to expand tango to the young community and plant a seed for the performing arts.


We are in the process of contacting public school around the area of Brooklyn and Queens and inviting them to watch our dress rehearsal.