One of our main goals is to broaden the access to tango among the members of the dance community. With this in mind, we are launching the Apprentice Program, open to professional dancers interested in extending their skills and sensibilities by embracing tango as art form. The work has already begun and we want to make this program a permanent part of our yearly core activities.


Today the program consists of inviting the dancers to the company for a rehearsal process. In the rehearsal they are expose to Tango For all's technique, a mix of essential concepts of modern dance, yoga, and argentine tango. The second face, is the choreography part, where the dancers must learn a choreographic piece and perform it in front of the best audience for tango, a milonga or a social tango event.

Lucia Jackson y Dannys Gonzales

We are very happy to have Lucia Jackson and Dannys Gonzalez as the to attend Tango For All's first Apprentice Program 2016-2017.