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Tango For All's "Blind"

The Expansion of "Blind" For September 15, 2017

We are striving to expand our repertoire and create more original work; we would love to be able to bring our creations to as many audiences as possible. Our first evening-length Production, BLIND, melds the innovative combination of tango and modern dance in a narrative-driven spectacle, a universal story of self-discovery and change. In order to sustain this ambitious and unique project, we need your support to cover the cost of expanding--costumes, commissioning, recording music, rehearsal space, and dancers’ fees. Your underwriting support will also further our commitment to building a diverse repertory and nurturing the growth of talented dancers and artistic collaborations.

BGCN-Tango (66)

Tango Cares Initiative

is an outreach program that utilizes Argentine Tango as a vehicle to instill in all youth, including those who are under served, the essential life skills to excel as positive force in society. In this eight week program, Tango Cares aims to instill the basic skills of respectful social interactions, cognitive excellence, body awareness, and creative power.

Our goal for the 2017-2018 school year is to provide two public schools with the Tango Cares program. The program consists of two one hour classes per week, for eight weeks. At the end of the program students will perform a final presentation of what they have learned.

BAM Fisher

To The Theater, Oncology Tango Crash

Tango For All is very proud to announce that for one month, 2 days a week, we will Crash the oncology department of Mount Sinai West hospital on 59 Street and 9ave, with Argentine tango performances during patients treatments.


Tango Apprentice Program

One of our main goals is to broaden the access of Argentine tango among the members of the dance community. With this in mind, we have created the Apprentice Program, open to professional dancers interested in extending their skills and sensibilities by embracing tango as a performing art form.

Today the program consists of inviting dancers to a rehearsal experience. Dancers are expose to Tango For all's technique, a mix of essential concepts of modern dance, yoga, and Argentine tango. The second phase is to perform the choreography in front of a live audience.