Through education and outreach, TFA employs tango as a means to bring together diverse communities, promote healing and connection, and introduce disadvantaged children to a transformative experience.

Tango For All Programs

Tango Cares — Arts in Education

Tango Cares is an outreach program that utilizes Argentine Tango to teach underserved youth essential life skills, empowering them to excel as a positive force in society. This eight-week program uses partnering skills and creative movement to instill respectful social interactions, cognitive excellence, body awareness, and creative power.

Tango Cares has been built on Tango for All’s years of dance training and teaching, as well as their experience with public and private school systems. Teaching skills stemming from earlier work with youngsters who are blind or visually impaired in Miami, FL have also been incorporated into the program.

Ana Padron teaching boys and girls

Tango Moments — Oncology Performances

Tango Moments brings Argentine Tango performances to patients undergoing infusion, nurses, doctors, and caregivers at Mount Sinai’s oncology center in Manhattan. Inspired by research that shows a positive correlation between mood and health, Tango for All’s goal is to promote wellness and recovery to patients via music and dance.

Tango Moments started in 2013, when Diego Blanco was invited to the Mount Sinai West Oncology suite to perform for patients undergoing chemotherapy and infusions. The invitation was extended by Dr. Gabriel Sara, the co-founder of the Helen Sawaya Fund. This one performance was the beginning the program, initially dubbed Tango Crashing by founding sponsor and artist Nikki Shiro.

Now called Tango Moments, the program engages and transports patients undergoing chemotherapy through professional Argentine Tango performances. The program has grown from one performance during the holidays season, to 12 performances throughout November and December.

Diego and Ana performing for oncology patients in the Tango Moments program

To The Theater

To The Theater invites underserved communities to a full dress rehearsal of the company’s upcoming performances. The audience is invited to learn about Argentine Tango, and the connection, collaborations and creative process that bring the performances to life. The program also engages the audience through a Q & A with the performers.

To The Theater was created to introduce Argentine Tango to broader communities, to sow an interest in the performing arts, and to make Tango for All accessible to everyone.

Tango for All performance with musicians onstage