Tango For All is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization that serves as the foundation of a creative and dynamic tango community. TFA performs and teaches a transformative version of the art form that instills in students from all backgrounds the essential skills to develop as individuals, and in turn, to become a positive influence beyond the dance world. We teach our dancers how to respectfully interact with others through body awareness, balance, musicality and creativity and we continue to develop teaching methods that are accessible and beneficial to all.

In education Tango For All is building on years of teaching experience and creating a unique initiative program, that plans to bring tango to youngsters who are underserved in the Tri-State area who have little or no arts funding. This element of our program builds on our teaching experience in 2015 in the St. Louis public school system and earlier work with youngsters having visual disabilities in Miami.

Ana Teaching with Shimmy Club

“Dancer-choreographers Diego Blanco and Ana Padron, performing as Tango For All … brought wit and elegance to their piece, “Blind.” The duet put a surprising spin on one of the most traditional of styles.” – St. Louis Post-Dispatch review of Tango For All, May 25, 2015